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Siemens is a German industrial group which is especially specialized in automatism and drive systems. Innovation is at the heart of its solutions. Siemens offers a wide range of drives products for all kinds of industrial application and branches. Siemens products are known for their technical performance, their quality and their reliability.

DV Shop offers new and repair solutions on the following products:

Simodrive Drives 611: 6SN1112, 6SN1113, 6SN1118, 6SN1121, 6SN1122, 6SN1145 and 6SN1146

Sinamics Drives 6SL: G120, G130, G150, S120 and S150

Simovert Drives 6SE: vector control, motion control, vector control, motion control, power AFE, brake units

Spare parts for the Simodrive range: fans

Thanks to its partnership with Siemens, DV Shop can provide you new spare parts, which come directly from the manufacturer. Those new parts are therefore in their original boxes and sealed with the Siemens label.

The repair, as far as it is concerned, is available in standard repair within 20 days or in repair by exchange within 3 days. The processes of repair of Siemens drives are approved by the manufacturer. After being repaired, the defective parts are upgraded and tested by our technicians on our Siemens test beds to ensure their perfect functioning.


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