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Kuka is a German company, specialist of industrial robotics and automation technology. Kuka offers standard and adapted solutions for automated industrial production. Kuka’s engine is innovation, which helps to develop intelligent solutions of the future and the collaboration between man and robot.

DV Shop offers you new or reconditioned solutions of repair for the following products:

Teach pendant: KCP1, KCP2, Smartpad

Power modules: KPP, PM

Spare parts: cables for KCP, LCD screens for teach

The new or reconditioned spare parts provided by DV Shop will help you to replace very quickly your damaged parts, such as cables or LCD screens. The repair and the repair by exchange are, as far as they are concerned, the ideal solution for your teach or your defective power module.

Once your equipment received, teach or power module, in our premises, it is repaired and retrofitted by our technicians, experts in electronic equipment repair. The repaired equipment is then tested on our Kuka test beds to make sure of its perfect functioning. Then you receive a part ready for using again to revive your machine tool. All our repairs have a 12-month warranty.


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