6SN1145-1AA01-0AA. - Feed module Power 10 to 25 KW unstabilized - Simodrive Siemens
6SN1145-1AA01-0AA. - Module d'alimentation - Simodrive - Siemens
6SN1145-1AA01-0AA. - Feed module Power 10 to 25 KW unstabilized - Simodrive Siemens

6SN1145-1AA01-0AA. - Feed module Power 10 to 25 KW unstabilized - Simodrive Siemens

6SN1145-1AA00-0AA. is a power module Simodrive of Siemens which the unstabilized power is included between 10 to 25 KW. The available versions : - 6SN1145-1AA00-0AA0 - 6SN1145-1AA00-0AA1 - 6SN1145-1AA00-0AA2

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Repair by exchange
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Repair by exchange
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6SN1145-1AA01-0AA0 / 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA1 / 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA2 is a feed module of the Simodrive range of Siemens. His power is unstabilized and is inclued between 10 and 25 KW. The 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA0 / 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA1 / 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA2 feed power has a protection on the system switch. The system contat is made en closed contact. The cooling is made by a universal cooling system internal/external. A ventilator is present inside to ensure the ventilation of the 6SN118 / 6SN1121 / 6SN1122 regulation card. The cooling of module is made also in a natural way. 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA2 is the last version of this feed module, 6SN1145-1AA01-0AA0 being the oldest. You can replace your feed module throught of our new solutions or of repair by exchange. The 6SN1145-1AA1-0AA2 version of your defective feed module can be replaced by a new product under seal that we have in stock throught of our partnership with Siemens.The orthers versions are available to the repair by exchange. The defective feed module is then repaired, refresher and tested by our technicians in our worckshops.

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REPAIR is done within 20 days after receipt of the defective part. The repair process is exactly the same as the REPAIR BY EXCHANGE.


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