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The German company Rexroth Indramat is specialized in drives and control technology. It provides automation solutions with preset functionalities and integrated engineering tools.

DV Shop offers you the following references in repair and in repair by exchange:

Power modules: HCS, HMV, TVD, NAM, KVR, KDV, HVR, HVE

Axis drives: TDM, KDS, DKR, HMS, DKC, DIAX02, DIAX04, RAC

Spindle drives: KDW, TDA

The repair by exchange is made within 3 days after receiving the defective equipment. The repair, as far as it is concerned, is possible within a standard period of 20 days.

The Indramat defective products are repaired by our technicians, experts in repair. After repairing and cleaning up the product, the latter is tested on our Indramat test beds to make sure of the perfect functionality of the repaired material. We can then guarantee the repair under 12 months.


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