A NEW product is a product which comes directly from the supplier. The part is in the original package, which is sealed. Our partnership with Siemens assures us a privileged access to all new parts and spare parts. So it is not a factory inventory.




REPAIR BY EXCHANGE is made within three days after receipt of the defective part. The product is placed on our test benches to diagnose the breakdown. It is then repaired in our workshops by our technicians, who also carry out a refresher and a depollution of the product. The part is tested again on the test benches to validate the perfect working of the repaired product.




REPAIR is done within 20 days after receipt of the defective part. The repair process is exactly the same as the REPAIR BY EXCHANGE.




A REFURBISHED part comes directly from our stock. The item has been cleared, refurbished and repaired by our technicians in our workshops. Then, the item was tested on our test benches to ensure a 100% functional product.



What you should know :


  • Repair procedures have been approved by the manufacturers Leroy Somer and Siemens.

  •  Devos Vandenhove has built-in test benches for automation, numerical control, speed variation and robotics.

  • The various repairs include, for example: replacement of components, tests under rated load with countermeasure for 12 hours on 3 phases, dynamic tests, etc.