Intervention on a drive G150 Siemens

Intervention on a drive G150 Siemens



The company SAM, Société des Aciers d’Armatures (Company of Steels of Armatures) for concrete, at Neuves Maisons, has recently called the experts of Devos Vandenhove to control a drive G150 of Siemens. Production subsidiary of the group Riva Acier, SAM is specialized in the production of billets and hot-rolled products in bars for the reinforcement of concrete.

The request of our customer was to control a drive 6SL3210-1KE21-7AP1 from the range Sinamics G150 of Siemens. That drive was stocked for a decade and there was a risk of degradation at the tensioning. The drive 6SL3210-1KE21-7AP1 has a power of 7.5 KW and 400 V input voltage. This is a control module for an asynchronous motor, whose speed is 1150 r.p.m and the power is 14.40 A.

A technician of Devos Vandenhove has then intervened so as to appraise the drive and make sure of its perfect functioning.

Variateur G150 Sinamics Siemens

Sinamics G150 - Variateur G150


The drive 6SL3210-1KE21-7AP1 came in one of our workshops at Metz then the expertise began. The drive has been fully checked by one of our technicians. He controlled the absence of oxidation. The latter could have caused the rust of some elements, and consequently a malfunction of the drive.


DC bus condensers have been reformed under the recommendations of the manufacturer, Siemens. It is advisable to achieve the reforming of DC bus condensers for any drive stored for 2 years. Otherwise, a degradation of the drive on power is highly possible.


Once the drive repaired, it has been powered up to make sure of the good functioning of its components, such as the CU, the CIM and the Powerblock. Tests in rated load have also been made on our Sinamics test beds.

Devos Vandenhove was then able to restore the drive G150 in perfect working order to his SAM client.


Thanks to the intervention of Devos Vandenhove on that drive G150 of Siemens, the SAM company has avoided the replacement of that drive. A replacement of such a drive is a heavy proceeding because it requires a consequent handling organization. From a financial point of view, the restoration of the drive under the requirements of the manufacturer, Siemens, was also more interesting than the purchase of a new drive. Moreover, the customer benefits of a 12-month warranty on the drive 6SL3210-1KE21-7AP1 because it had been tested on our test beds.