Intervention on a MDS 470T drive of Leroy Somer

Intervention on a MDS 470T drive of Leroy Somer



The experts of Devos Vandenhove have recently intervened for troubleshooting of a MDS 470T drive of Leroy Somer at Plastic Omnium. The company Plastic Omnium is an automotive supplier and world leader of parts and body modules. It provides a wide range of products such as bumpers, energy absorbing system, fender modules, front-end assemblies or even composite products.

The MDS 470T drive is connected on the main motor of an extruder which serves for the production of tanks car. This drive showed intermittent faults of IGBT and a fault of temperature in 10 minutes.

An expert of Devos Vandenhove went to the customer to troubleshoot the Leroy Somer MDS 470T drive. The intervention took place in one day and one night.

Variateur Leroy Somer MDS 470T

IGBT Variateur Leroy Somer MDS 470T


Once the technician arrived at the customer, two hours were necessary for establishing a preliminary study. The fault of temperature was due to the complete obstruction of power bridges dissipaters. The drive MDS 470T has then been disassembled, and then cleaned up. The fault of temperature has therefore disappeared. It is advisable to seal the bottom of the cupboard of the drive to avoid a fast pollution of the drive.


At 7 pm, an assessment of the possible causes of failure has been done. The decision taken is then to deliver CPU cards and supply them by taxi the next day. After taking delivery of the cards, the diagnosis kept going. Several various tests were necessary to determine the problem as far as the fault of IGBT is concerned. The plug on current measurement of power bridge was defective.


The plug has therefore been repaired and several tests have been made on the MDS 470T drive to check its perfect functioning. At 3 am, the MDS 470T drive restarted and the production of the customer could resume.


Our client, Plastic Omnium, could resume quickly its production. Thanks to the intervention of Devos Vandenhove, the downtime has been very short and the customer didn’t have penalty of production. So there has been a reduction of operating losses.